Hi! I am Afraaz and my sister is Ayeza. Together we have created this website as a part of a holiday learning program. This is The Khalifah Project, and we are going to all be leaders by trying to help everything and everyone who needs it. Now, Khalifah is a very broad term. The Islamic rule of Khalifah (Califs) were a lot of religious people that leaded the Muslims from the year 632 CE to now. But in reality, a Khalifah is a person that doesn’t want change, they make change. They lead and they help, and whatever they want, they do it either themselves, or with others. A Khalifah doesn’t look down to people poorer, hungrier, or more ill.

My sister and I have built many websites before, so this project was really fun, and we are learning more every day. This program will end a few days after this is published, but we plan to continue to fix this website and help people all the time. You may not know the true goal of this site. It is not to educate or inspire, but to shape. We want to shape the future, and the only way to do that is to work together. We will help you show your true light to the world. We are the most intelligent species of earth, so it is time to use that to our advantage and save our people, our world, and our animals.

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Leaders help their followers get up, however bosses wait for them to get up.