A leader has nothing to do with seniority. Anyone can be a leader. Leadership involves making sound and sometimes difficult decisions, creating achievable goals for themselves and followers, and providing followers with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve those goals. Some attributes of a Leader are:


Treating people with respect is one of the most important things a leader should do. It is essential in a leader and follower relationship and helps by easing conflict, create trust, and improves efficiency.


Courage is a key skill for good leaders. It can be hard to speak up to people and say something even if it is important. Rather than avoiding problems or allowing conflicts, courage enables leaders to step up and move things in the right direction and help the situation.


Empathy is when someone feels sorry for you. If you show more empathy towards your followers, research shows you’re more likely to be viewed as a better leader then many others. Empathy can be learned and can become a habit. In addition to making you more effective, it will also improve communication between you and your followers, showing that they can come to you for anything.


Being able to influence people through logical, emotional, or cooperative appeals is a component of being an effective leader. Influence is quite different from manipulation, and it needs to be done authentically and transparently. It requires emotional intelligence and trust-building. Your followers would know that if they do not know what to do, then they can come to you and follow your example.


Hope is a powerful word if used in the right way. A leader must have hope in any situation. Hope for their followers and also hope for their situation. A follower depends on their leader to guide their way through the problem and has hope in him/her to make things right. if a leader loses hope in everything then everyone will crash. That is why leaders have to have hope.

A leader is a person that is committed to purpose, who influences other people to achieve purpose.