Costs to be mindful of in Hajj. You will need cash for the below:

740 SAR per person ($300 AUD approx).
This is a cost of a single goat/lamb. You will need to do Qurbani for three people which will equate to around $900-1000 AUD.

Mobile sim:
Sim is 120 SAR per person ($50 AUD approx).
The sim needs to be associated with your Hajj visa.

By memory, cost around $2-4 AUD per piece.
In the mall of the Clock tower there are two-three Laundry shops can be used for your Laundry. Can’t remember the exact cost but it’s substantially cheaper than doing it in the Hotel.

15-30 SAR (around $6-10 AUD approx)
Depending which one you want to buy and how much bargaining you do

I think this is part of the Hajj package. I can’t totally remember. But take some cash for this incase you need it.

These figures are from last year. It may have changed slightly this year.